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Marina Gomes & Vivian Gomes — Minted
Our Wedding
We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt invitation, as we come together to commemorate our wedding day in the presence of our extraordinary friends and cherished family. To keep you well-informed and engaged, we have crafted this wedding website, where you can find all the intricate details and pertinent information.

Marina Gomes


Vivian Gomes

Marina Gomes and Vivian Gomes


Our Story

Marina and Vivian's story began in 2009, when they crossed paths during their college years. Introduced by mutual friends, they quickly realized their compatibility and shared interests, as well as their ambitious natures and aspirations for the future. United by a passion for education and success, they embarked on a transformative journey to pursue their dreams in the United States.

Over the following years, Marina and Vivian dedicated themselves to their studies and personal growth, immersing themselves in the world of Finance. Their hard work and determination paid off, and they found themselves thriving in the industry. They took pride in their accomplishments and marveled at how far they had come since their college days.

In May 2022, during a visit to the iconic Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, Vivian took Marina by surprise and proposed in a place they had always dreamed of visiting together. Overwhelmed with joy and love, Marina happily accepted, knowing that this was the next step in their beautiful journey.

Filled with excitement and anticipation, Marina and Vivian now eagerly await the future. They look forward to celebrating their love and unity with their cherished family and friends in October 2023!